Founded with privacy as a primary objective

The product, "Mindfolder", is being engineered as a decentralized tool & therefore does not store your notes or ideas in ‘the cloud’. Your data is always yours; is never ‘locked-in’ and you are free to store it however you please.


The website, “”, does collect some information about its visitors. Monitoring website traffic is standard practice, and I am interested in such things as general location, referring websites, time & length of visit. Email addresses are also collected from those who wish to sign-up for an invitation to try the product when it is ready. Emails will never be sold or used for any other purposes than that of Mindfolder related correspondence and those who subscribe can opt-out at anytime.


I, Derrick Schwabe, founder of Mindfolder - am committed to ensuring your privacy is protected and your data is safe.


If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email admin [at] mindfolder [dot] com



Derrick Schwabe

Proud member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation


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