Indecision is inefficient

by Derrick - May 24, 2012

With passion about an idea. And confidence in our ability to create it. It seems like nothing can stop us. Until...


credit: Forest MacCormack

...after making the climb. We look down.
And like a kid on a diving board - turn back.

5 years ago I was struck with a tremendous idea for a software product. A vision became clear. And I knew I had to build it.

Slowly I would chip away at this; working towards making the vision a reality.

Yet progress became stunted. There was a flaw. At the time I did not know this. Had I known, a correction could have been made - and the product may have very well been available for you today.

The critical flaw was this: indecision.

We often reach a point in our lives - perhaps without even knowing it - in whereby we have an opportunity to proceed to do something great. But that something which requires us to dive in.

And by dive, I mean specifically: to forget about every other obstacle, opportunity; distraction. To not look back. And to execute with everything you got.

low hanging fruit

Sure, there may be other opportunities worthy of exploration; other 'low hanging fruit' so to speak. But without a real sense of urgency backing your idea; without an unwavering commitment to proceeding with that idea exclusively - you will too easily become distracted. Your 'confidence tank' will soon run dry. And that initial excitement; your key momentum driver - will fade away. Before you know it, you'll be wishing instead of doing. Unconsciously turning back.

My wish for you is that you do not make the same mistake I did. Don't delay your career by half a decade. Because trust me: climbing back up the ladder again is even more difficult than you can imagine...

Indecision becomes a vulnerability that welcomes an on-pouring of obstacles that will pile in the way. Hindering your freedom to even choose a path, let alone to make a dive. Suddenly the greatest challenge becomes not how to make an idea happen - but how to return to where you once were; with options and in a position to proceed.

Years later, after painstakingly reaching back up - I am getting closer. I can feel the steps beneath me now. And this time - when I get to the top: I'll be ready to make the dive of my life.

Whatever your journey - proceed with certainty. And when you get to the top.
Dive gracefully.

Note: photography used with permission from Forest MacCormack

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