30 minutes a day

by Derrick - May 13, 2012

Do you brush your teeth every day?

Do you work on your dream project every day?

….. no? Sometimes?

Your teeth will begin to decay if you don't brush. And so will your idea.

Specifically: ideas need focusing.

The simple act of reserving a tiny part of your day. Perhaps just 30 minutes. Of pure, uninterrupted focus. On the idea you want to make become reality. Will ensure at least some extent of progress. I guarantee you.

Just take a moment to analyze this theory. The equation is not rocket science.

The process is perfectly logical. And simpler than what most assume. So why then do we struggle to make our ideas reality? I postulate that the challenge is not the manifestation part, but rather - the discipline.

When faced with a mountainous journey - many of us turn back. Not because we don't understand what to do - that's the easy part. Go up. But the mountain intimidates us. We let our imagination scare us with the slippery slopes and bears we might encounter. So we're more comfortable where we are. At the base, looking up.

It doesn't matter what's up there. The specifics of the journey will get taken care of as you traverse. What's important is that you just go up.

Specifically: just focus.

I've come up with a basic strategy to address this challenge. Of discipline. To ensure focus - which subsequently - ensures manifestation.

Try it. Here's how. Establish a list like the following:


This is tomorrow's task list. You will give yourself a check-mark upon completion of each item.

Replace “the idea” with whatever it is you want to make happen. No matter how ambitious or impossible.

Everything else in your day - is not important. You just have to do these two things. Nothing more, nothing less.

I'm not suggesting you take the rest of the day off. Do what you normally would do tomorrow. But with a disciplined understanding that the day has not been a success until & unless these two items are achieved.

[spoiler alert]

If you follow my instructions correctly. I believe you will have an epiphany. About how easy it is to manifest progress. On any idea conceivable. The equation will have been validated and you will have witnessed an extent of measurable progress towards making your idea real.

And then you'll perform this same exercise the next day. And the day after that. And eventually, after seemingly small incremental progress - you will have achieved a great stride.

Or at the very least - you will have maintained great teeth.

p.s. - I have decided to focus on my dream project, Mindfolder, for at least 30 minutes every day. Until this thing becomes reality.

p.p.s. - 30 minutes a day is a baseline. Once you achieve that with consistency you can begin experimenting with larger blocks of time. To effectively transition from casual effort, to part-time endeavor, to full-time journey.
No mountain can stop you.

Update: thanks to leoedin for correcting the equation [original]